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Milo Schwab for State Senate

Milo Schwab is a Denver small business and civil rights attorney. He's running for the Colorado State Senate  to bring fresh ideas to the statehouse and to make sure that our government is focused on the issues that matter - issues like clean energy, better wages, funding for education.


What I’m fighting for ›

It's time that we regain our confidence in what can be accomplished through vision and common purpose. I believe in the capacity for good policy to improve our lives and that through our shared commitment, we can address the defining issues of our day. With Washington failing to lead the way, it's up to us to build the future we want for ourselves and our children. 


The district

Colorado Senate District 34 represents much of what makes Denver great. It includes the Downtown, North Denver, and historic neighborhoods like Westwood and Sloan's Lake. Take a look at the map to see if you live in the District and sign up to keep in touch with Milo.

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